Teach English in Chaoyang Shi

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Teach English in Liujiazi Zhen, Chaoyang Shi
In summary, unit 7 describes the receptive skills and the importance of it in order to have a balanced approach to provide an 'integrated' skill lesson in a classroom
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Teach English in Mengguying Zhen, Chaoyang Shi
in this lesson shows us the clear understanding for treating our students in the class, and also was given an example to make clarify a topic in the class to our students, and also find out the problematic words from the topic whatever the topic is, until have to explain it if they donot understand the subject what it for, let them to read by themselves get onto it, to my point of view it is really a useful unit to me though it has no enough explanation, but it is undoubtedly helpful my future teaching career
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Teach English in Qingfengshan Zhen, Chaoyang Shi
In this unit, I learned that accuracy and fluency are equally important, but the accuracy activities are more focused on producing correct language which is controlled by teachers
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