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Teach English in Qingquan Zhen, Chenzhou Shi
Summative Task, topic # 47 - Motivation in the classroom How Can Teachers Motivate Students and Why is that Important? By Amy Torok Regardless of the level, age or culture of students, a desire to learn is essential
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Teach English in Reshui Zhen, Chenzhou Shi
Level; Beginner Learning objectives; By the end of the lesson students will be able to recognize vocabulary related to food; practice ordering from menu in a restaurant
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Teach English in Shiqiao Zhen, Chenzhou Shi
In today's emphasis on quality education and the development of communicative competence in English,"English grammar "seems to be a big taboo when talking about English teaching
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Teach English in Shuidong Zhen, Chenzhou Shi
Subject n°91: How Can Reading Influence Language Acquisition Introduction: In this paper we will attempt to show how important reading is and how it can influence language acquisition and its development
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