TEFL - 100 Hr TEFL

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This is how our TEFL graduates feel they have gained from their course, and how they plan to put into action what they learned:

J. H. USA said:
This course has greatly improved my confidence in teaching english as a foreign language. The areas that I found particularly helpful are on grammar because I didn?t realize how much students need to learn and how it won?t always just come naturally for them. I also now realize the importance of using visual aids, gestures, and props to better explain concepts and instructions to students. I also found the teaching ideas very helpful because in some cases, the internet may be limited if available at all. Having these ideas allows me to be able to enter the classroom feeling prepared. In addition, I have a much better idea of what materials I may need to bring with me and how to find resources once I am there. I will use many of the strategies and techniques that I have learned from this course. Even if written lesson plans are not required, I plan on using the lesson plan template provided in this course to ensure that I have an engage phase, study phase, and activate stage. In addition, I will make sure that my lessons are balanced with grammar, vocabulary, and authentic language use. I will also try to get the students speaking to each other as much as possible. It is important to have worksheets to practice specific skills, but I feel that students learn the most by being immersed in the language.