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J.X. USA said:
I think that these ittt courses were very fruitful to me. Why? Well because it taught me how to think and see further than I use too think and see things. It opened new ways to teach and new creativities in my mind to keep and use when I would have the opportunity. I think the most challenging for me is not that I don?t have enough creativity because as an Art studio myself, I?m almost never out of ideas and imaginations, but these courses taught me and shown me how to use lesson plans and its steps to Engage, to make students think the study of it, how to activate the study, etc?. It was very good to review all the old grammar, vocabularies, conjugations, compounds, pronunciation methods, mouth diagrams, etc? It was an awesome experience and learning. Thank you very much for the opportunity that had been offered to me in this ittt course. I will truthfully recommend this course to all my friends who want to become an over sea?s english teacher.