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K.F. Australia said:
When I first made the decision to make a career out of teaching english as a foreign language, I thought the basis of the lesson would be teaching the students key words that would assist them in making sentences. Little did I know that there is much, much more to the english language than a native speaker realizes. As children, native speakers of english listen to the people around them speak and can pick up on the structure of a sentence, they hear the intonation patterns naturally and build vocabulary. It wasn?t until these units were presented to me that I realized I would need to start from scratch in some cases, and teach my students things that I didn?t even realize I was learning as a child. The english language can be such an overwhelming language to learn as there are so many components that need to be taught ? vocabulary, pronunciation, verb tenses, etc. ? and many different ways that these topics can be approached. I don?t think it will be until I start teaching in a classroom situation that I will, through trial and error, find a way to teach these core topics so that my students get the most out of the lesson. After completing this course, I have found that I would enjoy teaching young children over teens or adults. My personality and approach to teaching naturally suits young children. In addition to the above, I have also come to realize the importance of planning lessons, having structure and knowing what your next step is. After time, I?m sure my lesson plans won?t be as rigid or involved, but I will certainly use them with every lesson I teach. To summarize, the knowledge I?ve gained since completing this course is invaluable and will greatly assist me in teaching in the classroom for years to come.