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TEFL Certification Chiapas | TEFL Mexico

Balance of course fees must be paid in advance to qualify for free homestay accommodation.

The TEFL International course in Mexico is in historic Chiapas, the southernmost state in the country. Chiapas is bordered by the states of Tabasco to the north, Veracruz to the northwest, and Oaxaca to the west. To the east Chiapas borders Guatemala, and to the south the Pacific Ocean.

Chiapa de Corzo, where the TEFL training centre is situated, is an often overlooked small attractive colonial town with an easy going, provincial air, according to the 2009 edition of the Mexico Lonely Planet. This sums up the little town, with an emphasis on overlooked; which is what probably makes Chiapa de Corzo so special.

There really is so much to do in the town and in the surrounding area, and hardly anyone knows about it. Chiapa de Corzo has quite a bit of day tourism during the high seasons, as many tour-bus companies have the town on their route, but local TEFL teachers and volunteers are quickly recognized as part of the community after having been seen more than two days in a row!

Situated on the banks of the Grijalva River, and at the mouth of the Sumidero Canyon, Chiapa has plenty to offer for short term, as well as longer term stays. The TEFL training centre in Chiapa is about 20 minutes away from the capital of the state of Chiapas, Tuxtla Gutierrez, which is where the closest major airport is located. Weekends can be easily taken up exploring the surrounding country side and other towns close-by.

Just an hour and a half up the mountain you can get a break from the heat in the picturesque, colonial town of San Cristóbal. Not far fom San Cristobal is Comitán, with ruins and lakes that can be easily seen in a weekend. A longer trip, about seven hours from Chiapa, are the world renowned Mayan ruins of Palenque, an unforgettable experience. Day trips to waterfalls like El Chorreadero and El Chiflón, are also well worthwhile for TEFL trainees.

Weeknights, and night life in general, tend to be fairly laid-back in Chiapa. There are a few cafes and bars in town that let you enjoy a nice relaxed atmosphere after a long day of teaching, but if malls, discos, big screen movie theaters, etc are more your thing, they’re reached easily via a 20-minute hassle-free bus ride to Tuxtla Gutierrez. Realistically, night life isn't Chiapa's strong point, but culture is. Every single Chiapacorceño will sit down with you for hours and proudly talk about the traditional Feria de Enero, and all the other days commemorating saints, battles, the dead, etc. scattered throughout the year.

You can partake in many of the traditions and traditional handicrafts by enrolling in the free workshops that the Cultural Center, Casa Escuela de Tradiciones, has to offer.

Getting to the TEFL International course in Mexico is easy, with direct flights to Tuxtla Gutierrez. If you are unable to find a reasonable flight directly to Tuxtla (the closest major city to Chiapa de Corzo), look for flights to Mexico City and from there it is another 1.5 hour flight. From Cancun, there are also direct flights to Tuxtla. If you enjoy taking your time traveling there are countless buses that arrive in Tuxtla.

*Balance of course fees must be paid in advance to qualify for free homestay accommodation.

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The School

Balance of course fees must be paid in advance to qualify for free homestay accommodation.

The TEFL International training center in Chiapa de Corzo is located two blocks from the main square, and within walking distance to all the homestays, cafes, restaurants, etc. At the center unlimited wireless internet is available to TEFL trainees, but there is only a limited number of computers, travelling with a laptop is helpful.

All photocopies are provided by the TEFL training center, as well as full access to our resource library. The resources include games, grammar books, grammar activity books, posters, flash cards, etc.

Benefits of our program include:

  • Small class sizes of a maximum of 6 people, giving you customized, personal attention.
  • Up to 12 hours of hands-on teaching practice for adults, adolescents and primary aged children; all the experience TEFL employers are looking for.
  • One to one lesson feedback with your qualified teacher trainer.
  • Exposure to authentic language learning environments and classroom scenarios from day one, and teaching experience within the first week.
  • High quality certification that has allowed previous graduates to find work.

Included in the course fee in addition to tuition:

  • Free home stay accommodation with a local family
  • All support materials (handbooks, handouts etc.).
  • You will be providing a service to the community and giving opportunity for native language access to local children.

*Balance of course fees must be paid in advance to qualify for free homestay accommodation.


Balance of course fees must be paid in advance to qualify for free homestay accommodation.

The Mexico TEFL course training center offers free home stays with local families, all within walking distance of the TEFL training center. All home stays offer private bedrooms and bathrooms, with access to the family kitchen so you can cook for yourself if you wish. Internet access is available for a one off payment of 250 pesos, however, meals and laundry services are not included.

All host families have all been pre-screened and interviewed. All the homestay facilities have been visited by TEFL training center staff and are regularly inspected. This may be your first experience with a homestay situation, but you can be sure that all our families are friendly and eager to make you feel at home.

Alternatively, if you are more comfortable in a hotel or a hostel during your TEFL course, we will arrange your stay there prior to your arrival. There are varying hostels and hotels in the area with varying prices.

Whether you chose a hotel or a friendly homestay you will be within walking distance of the Institute and we are confident your stay will be pleasant.

*Balance of course fees must be paid in advance to qualify for free homestay accommodation.

Course dates

Balance of course fees must be paid in advance to qualify for free homestay accommodation.

Coming soon...

Please check out our other course locations if you wish to attend a course before this one becomes available...

*Balance of course fees must be paid in advance to qualify for free homestay accommodation.

Course fees

Balance of course fees must be paid in advance to qualify for free homestay accommodation.

The total price is divided into: deposit and balance.

The deposit may be paid via a) credit card b) Paypal c) wire transfer d) Western Union.

The balance of the course fee must be paid by cash, PayPal or bank transfer directly to the training center on the first day of the course.


US$ 600
to be paid in advance
US$ 1090
to be paid on arrival

Special offer: course fees now include five hours of free Spanish lessons

Accomodation Fees

We provide free home stay accommodation for all our trainees for the duration of the course. Meals and laundry services are not included and there is a small charge of 250 pesos if you require internet access.

We can also recommend local hotels and guest houses which should be paid for directly to the provider upon arrival.

US$ 350
(to be paid on arrival)

*Balance of course fees must be paid in advance to qualify for free homestay accommodation.

4 weeks in-class course in Chiapas
special price on offer from
$ 1690

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are my payment options?


    Course deposits must be paid to our administrative center. Credit/debit card payments are the fastest and cheapest way to pay, but we also accept payments via Western Union, Pay Pal and bank transfer. While there are no deadlines for a deposit, courses can fill up quickly and your seat will only be reserved after the deposit has been paid.

    Once you make your deposit, you will receive an email with an informational packet that provides detailed information about the course and Chiapas itself.

    The balance of course fees is payable via credit card before, or on the first day of the course. Bank transfers are also accepted but must be completed at least two weeks before the first day of the course. Participants with checking accounts in the US may pay by personal check, but payments must be cleared within two weeks of the course’s start date.

    Course fees are all-inclusive so you won’t be asked to pay additional costs for course related materials or services. This also includes course moderation, accreditation fees and lifetime job assistance.

  • What are my accommodation options?


    For obvious reasons, our most popular accommodation choice is our free home stay option. You will have a private bedroom and bathroom, with access to shared kitchen facilities (where you can cook for yourself) and living room areas. Internet is also available with a one off charge of 250 pesos.  

    Hostels and Guesthouses are also available (US$ 350 and up) and can be arranged prior to your arrival. There are numerous hostels and hotels in the area with varying prices.

    Your accommodation is available from 1:00 p.m. on the Saturday before the course begins through to 5:00 p.m. on the Friday of the final week. We hope you will plan to arrive in Chiapa de Corzo by Saturday as this will give you a chance to relax and get accustomed to your surroundings before the course begins.

  • What travel documents will I need for mexico?


    All visitors to Mexico are required to carry a passport valid for at least six months after their arrival date.

    Visitors to Mexico from the United Kingdom, North America, Australia and New Zealand can stay in Mexico for a maximum of 180 days with a tourist visa. Post course, if you wish to stay and work in Mexico your employer will assist you with obtaining a work permit.*

    * As this information is subject to change at any time, we advise you to contact your local consulate for current travel regulations prior to planning your trip. For more information on obtaining visas please check with your local Mexican consulate or embassy.

  • What is the course schedule?


    Class time is generally 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. with a mid morning break. Then you will return for a second session from 4:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. You will start teaching on the second day of class. By the end of the first week you will have taught your first complete one hour lessons. Between class work, teacher observation and homework you can count on being busy for about seven hours a day.

  • What can I expect during teaching practice?


    We use local students for the trainees’ teaching practice. The class sizes vary, but rarely exceed ten, so the teaching practice is generally with small groups. The groups are also divided by age and by language level, allowing trainees to practice on a wide range of abilities.

    Lessons are based upon real teaching resources found all over the world and you will have the chance to create your own materials as well. You will also receive the aid of your course trainer throughout lesson planning and receive immediate feedback on your lesson after it’s been delivered. Practicum is assessed and a satisfactory assessment is required to earn your TEFL/TESOL certificate.

  • Who usually attends the course?


    We accept ten trainees per group, if there are more than this then the group is divided to ensure maximum trainer-trainee attention. Most of the participants are American, British, Canadian or Australian, although we do accept non-native speakers of English who have a high proficiency in the language.

  • Is there a dress code?


    For all input and tutorial sessions at the training location, there is only one specific dress requirement: Both men and women should have a shirt covering their shoulders. The course operates from within a school so we ask you to be mindful of this, as well as being mindful of your peers and to respect the fact that you are a visitor in another country.

    During teaching practice there are specific requirements that adhere to the local dress code. All trainees are expected to dress professionally according to the following guidelines:

    Women: Shoulders should be covered, blouses with sleeves are suggested. No low-cut necklines, very short skirts or bare midriffs. Open-toed shoes are acceptable, but not hiking or flip-flop sandals.

    Men: Long pants, slacks or trousers are required, jeans are not acceptable. Short or long-sleeved shirts with a collar are necessary, although a tie is not required. Loafers or dress shoes are both fine, sandals are not acceptable. Long hair should always be tied back.

  • What should I bring for course studies?


    Please be sure to arrive on the first day of the course with a notebook and a pen. We also encourage you to bring a laptop as we have Wi-Fi at the training center. We will provide all course materials for you so there is no need to bring anything else for the course itself.