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This is how our TEFL graduates feel they have gained from their course, and how they plan to put into action what they learned:

C.H. - China said:
As time goes by, I have spent over five months on taking this course since December last year. Frankly speaking, I really appreciate the TEFL course which offers me lots of beneficial and practical teaching methodology, and this content plays a crucial role in my teaching career. Firstly, it gives me scientific guidance in terms of the teaching theory. To be specific, I become much clear about what roles a teacher needs to play at the different stages of a lesson and how to play those roles in a class in order to give students? thoughtful care and necessary support and help. Furthermore, I?m getting more aware of the teaching methodology, for example, what stages should include in a lesson, how to engage students effectively, how to make students actively participate in the speaking activities, etc. in addition, I have gained lots of benefits with regard to teaching the specific classes, such as grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, listening, reading, and writing. The TEFL course offers me many practical and helpful teaching ideas which can make my classes more successful. What?s more, these lessons give me an opportunity to review grammar and parts of speech systematically. Last but not least, with the great help of the TEFL course, I become much clear about how to make a good lesson plan and how important to do so for the purpose of giving a successful class. It can be really helpful for preparing a well-organized class which includes engagement (warmer), study phase and activation, especially for the activate phase, which teachers need to spend longer time thinking about what activities might be useful for deepening students? memory and help them use new language points in real life. With regard to using what I have learnt from the TEFL course in my real teaching activities, actually, I have started using it since I began to learn this course. For example, when I am preparing my lessons, I am more conscious about what warmers could effectively arouse students? interest and engage them. and then, during a lesson, I use the ideas I learned from the course when asking students to activate in the end of a lesson since it offers lots of wonderful activities and exercises in the activate and study phases. Furthermore, when teaching grammar, parts of speech, listening, writing, etc, I could refer to the scientific methods and bright ideas given by the course in my classroom since I have already kept them in mind deeply. In addition, I would increase my awareness of the different roles teachers should play and dissimilar learning styles of students. And as a teacher, I will adjust content, teaching methods, lesson plans based on students? needs and their learning styles. Finally, I will be carefully choosing the teaching aids and additional materials for my classes according to the suggestions and guidance taught in the course. In short, all the lessons of the TEFL course are really helpful and beneficial in terms of improving my teaching ability and methodology awareness. I will make an effort to put all these things into daily teaching activities in the future.