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A.L - USA said:
I have taught english in a foreign country before, so much of what I was learning I had personal experience of through trial and error and using school selected course books. However, the knowledge in this course is invaluable, and I can my self being a better teacher now because of it. Specifically, in the past I was prone to 'winging' a lesson and not planning it thoroughly. This worked at some times, but often I would have scheduled too few activities and wasn't prepared for the difficulties the students may have with the materials. Using a lesson plan with specific activities and times for engaging, studying, and activating is essential, I feel, to providing a successful lesson, and even allowing the teacher to improvise within the confines of premeditated plans. Also, I have learned substantially about the different aspects of teaching EFL. Before I was accustomed to teaching young children, but after being taught about business learners and adult students, as well as planning for their lessons, I feel capable of teaching at a more professional level. The videos in the middle of the lesson, one showing a 'bad' teacher and the other a 'professional' teacher was impressive because the teacher was the same person in each. It has shown me that teaching is not necessarily an 'innate gift' or something one some people can do well and others can't. The same person can do something poorly or well, based on what they know how to do, how they implement it, what their attitude is at the time, and in the long run what their intention is like. This has experience has motivated me to learn more, continue to assess my teaching abilities and methodology, and altogether improve myself in the field, continuously.