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B.NR. - Korea said:
When I decided to teach english in korea, I asked many friends if I needed to take the TESL course. They all said that I didn't need one to get a job. I wish I didn't listen to them and got my TESL certificate before I started teaching. I was so unprepared for the world of ESL. I did not have a background in teaching so it was difficult the first semester of school. Even being a native speaker of english didn't mean that I can teach english. Now, that I have some experience and taken the TESL course. My teaching is improving and I am enjoying my life as a ESL teacher. There are still bumps that I encounter but TESL course has helped me to be better prepared for my classes. I started to make a rough outline of my lessons to guide me in class. I also do not rely so heavily on the course book which I noticed has made a huge impact in class. I didn't know that very subtle things such as seating arrangements or the tone of my voice can effect the students in a positive or negative way. I thought the course was well organized and both my tutors were professional and gave me insightful advice.

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