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N.K. - Brazil said:
This course is exactly what I have needed. The course has taught me how to teach english grammar and understand it from an EFL student?s point of view. By learning some of the pre-conceived difficulties, it has allowed me to take these things into consideration about my students and classes. I had never taught classes, let alone english classes, before I started this course, and I feel confident that I have the principal tools to do so now. I enjoyed the additional materials that were listed in the course, so I can continue to read and learn more. In addition, to learn a ?method? of teaching was truly valuable to implement in my classes. Now that I have completed this course, I will have a certificate to show my students, potential students, and potential teaching opportunities. This makes me feel more competent and prepared. I have already had additional opportunities to partake in workshops and other events, and I feel that this course has helped prepare me.