What is the Diploma in TESOL course?

Our Diploma in tesol is an advanced online course that gives graduates an in-depth knowledge of English language teaching and a distinct advantage when applying for ESL jobs worldwide. By completing this research based course you will be in a position to apply for jobs that offer greater responsibility and an increased salary.

Can I take the Diploma in tesol course without prior TEFL certification?

As this option is an advanced level training course that has been designed to build on the subjects covered in a standard TEFL certification course, prior TEFL certification is usually required. However, as the 370-hour Diploma in tesol course also includes our 120-hour TEFL certification, this is not an issue. Simply sign up for the Diploma in tesol course and you will learn all the most important teaching subjects first, before you move onto the main diploma section of the course.

Does the Diploma in TESOL course come with tutor support?

Yes, the diploma course comes with the support of an online tutor. Our online tutors are highly experienced teacher trainers who are available to answer your questions and to offer tips and advice for improving your understanding of the course topics. Tutor support is particularly useful for anyone who is unfamiliar with distance learning and higher levels of academic study.

How will I receive the Diploma in TESOL course study materials?

The course is completed entirely online and all necessary materials are accessed via our online training system. Bear in mind that the diploma course requires a large amount of independent research through the internet and other media.

How is the Diploma in TESOL course assessed?

The course is broken down into 11 separate modules. As you work through each of the modules you will complete a multiple choice test based on the subjects covered in that module. Your tests are marked immediately and you will receive the score in your course control panel. You need to score an average of 75% over the eleven module tests. Finally, for module 12 you will produce a summative essay. Once you have successfully completed the tests and the module 12 essay, you will receive your Diploma in TESOL certification.

How quickly can I finish the Diploma in TESOL course?

You are given a maximum of twelve months to finish all aspects of the course. If you are in a particular hurry it is theoretically possible to finish the course in as little as one month, although the average completion time is somewhere between eight and ten months.