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Unlock a world of free English teaching resources online with ITTT (International TEFL and TESOL Training). Discover a wealth of tools, materials, and support to enhance your English teaching skills and empower your students. From lesson plans and worksheets to teaching tips and techniques, our platform offers everything you need to succeed in the classroom. Explore our free resources today and take your teaching to the next level.

Table of contents

1. Why Choose ITTT?

2. Free Lesson Plans and Worksheets

3. Teaching Tips and Techniques

4. Support and Community

Why Choose ITTT?

ITTT is a leading provider of TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) and TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) training. With over 25 years of experience in the field, we have helped thousands of teachers worldwide achieve their teaching goals. Our free English teaching resources online are designed to support both new and experienced educators in delivering engaging and effective lessons. Whether you are teaching in a classroom or online, ITTT has the tools you need to succeed.

Support and Community

At ITTT, we understand the importance of support and community in the teaching profession. That's why we offer a range of resources to help you connect with other teachers, share ideas, and seek advice. Join our online forums, social media groups, and webinars to network with like-minded educators from around the world. Whether you are looking for lesson planning advice, classroom management strategies, or career guidance, our supportive community is here to help. With ITTT, you are never alone in your teaching journey.

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