Teach English in Jiyuan Shi

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Teach English in Kejing Zhen, Jiyuan Shi
The unit covered lesson planning and provided guidance and examples on the principles of planning a lesson, organization and how to have a document to work from, to better regulate teaching and ensure enough time is provided for each phase
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Teach English in Lilin Zhen, Jiyuan Shi
There are a variety of resources and tools that teachers can use to aid their teaching and communicate new vocabulary and grammar patterns to students, but the tools need to be used in a meaningful way, and not just for the sake of using them
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Teach English in Potou Zhen, Jiyuan Shi
Unit 7 discusses four aspects that students must learn when they are becoming familiar with new vocabulary: exposure, meaning, structure and practice
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Teach English in Sili Zhen, Jiyuan Shi
This unit covered the basics involved in teaching new language, including teaching vocabulary, introducing structures, and teaching functions
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Teach English in Xiaye Zhen, Jiyuan Shi
This unit explains about the usages and forms of conditionals in English, such as the zero conditional, the first conditional, the second conditional, the third conditional and the mixed conditionals
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