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This is how our TEFL graduates feel they have gained from their course, and how they plan to put into action what they learned:

LF, USA said:
I have learned many things from this course. I have learned how truly complex the english language can be and how overwhelming or confusing it may seem. Having to learn parts of the english language again helped me see things from a student perspective. Even as a native speaker I had trouble. It is important to observe and understand my students and their learning style. Providing variety and learning what my students are interested in is a great way to make sure students are engaged and interested in my lessons. Setting up checkpoints throughout the lesson is very important as well to make sure I am not losing any students. Keeping directions and communication as simple as possible is important as well. Being organized and over planning is good in order to make sure you are able to fill the entire time. It is critical that the teacher be flexible and adapt the lesson according to the feedback or lack of feedback the teacher receives from the student. I will really try to make my classroom a comfortable supportive atmosphere that is fun. I will also make sure that I set a tone at the beginning of the course and gradually loosen up if the kids prove to be well-behaved. I will take time to build rapport with the students since that is essential in creating a good dynamic and environment. I will also apply games, role-play, writing, conversation, and other creative ideas to keep class fresh and fun. This course provided a very good foundation.