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A.B . - Scotland said:
Knowledge and understanding of grammar has improved Expanded ideas of how to make lessons fun and interesting while developing students? abilities Think the 2 week practical course will help put these into practice and help work towards being a good TEFL teacher A.D ? USA I can't even put into words how much I feel like I have accomplished in participating in this program. I started with this program to get a taste of what it may be like to teach english abroad , and to learn about the different aspects , qualifications and knowledge one must possess to teach english abroad. I want to continue my education for a few more years but ultimately in 5 years to be teaching ESL abroad. When I started this program I thought to myself that even if this wasn't what I expected or if I felt like it was too difficult, well heck I was only out a couple hundred bucks ... no big deal! Instead with each lesson I felt a greater confidence when my tutor would email me back and tell me how well I did on each unit. I would always feel anxious when I would send my completed tasks to my tutor , only to recieve positive feedback. I suppose I just lack confidence in myself. Since I have been enrolled in this program I have been thinking about my future in everything I do. When I meet people through my job , that speak another language I am constantly thinking about the differences between their language and english , and how I wish to practice with them and help them improve. I work with a lot of hispanic people in my job , and I suppose it has given me not only day to day practice on what to expect working with people who speak english as a second language , but the desire to truely want to help people who want to learn english and make something more for themselves or their family whether it be here in the united states or back in their home country. While studying in this program I have purchased a lot of literature about teaching ESL , english grammar, ESL activities, learning about different cultures, I have become completely obsessed, which I think means I made the right decision in persuing a career in teaching english as a second language. While I learn different things regarding the teaching of ESL I wish I had more friends who shared this passion with me and people I could exchange ideas with . In conclusion, I am almost through with the program and I will go on to take a certification course in teaching english to young learners , which I am highly anticipating, but I have also been looking to improve my skills and continue to put into practice what I have learned thus far from the program. Two weeks ago I took a training course through a local church to teach ESL. Last week I had my first experience teaching ESL with a chinese woman , it is a great experience to be tutoring people one on one from all over the world. I hope to continue to tutor while I further my studies in teaching ESL, and also I am looking into studying spanish abroad next year in hopes of traveling, improving my spanish , but also getting to know other cultures and hoping to find a country I find comfortable , safe , and eventually teach ESL there. Thank you James for all of your help through out this course! Sometimes I felt like I wanted to ask you so many questions but you always provided me with clearly stated answers and feedback to my assignments and I can't thank you enough. I look foward to putting everything you taught me and all your advice into practice someday and hopefully being a successful ESL teacher, making a difference in peoples life!!