Teach English in Jilin Shi

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Teach English in Qingling Zhen, Jilin Shi
Through lesson 10, through watching two videos, it helped me to compare the differences between the two ways of teaching English, thereby helping me learn a lot of experiences for the highest energy teaching session, helping students love every activity of the class
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Teach English in Shuiquliu Zhen, Jilin Shi
This Unit taught me how important it is to follow correctly a ESA lesson plan but also that the attitude of the teacher can also have significant effect on how the students learn and interact within the lesson
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Teach English in Tianbei Zhen, Jilin Shi
The first lesson was honestly a bit brutal to watch, and hammered home the need to not only have the right positive attitude going into a classroom, but also to be prepared, and have a solid lesson plan
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Teach English in Xiaocheng Zhen, Jilin Shi
unit 10 is a very unique unit that demonstrated two videos of teaching English, where the first one was more of a traditional teacher-centered method and the second video with more positive and engagement gestures
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Teach English in Xihe Zhen, Jilin Shi
Two very interesting videos quite clearly showing me how much teacher attitude behaviour and preparation is very important in keeping your students interested and involved in the lesson
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Teach English in Xiyang Zhen, Jilin Shi
what i have learnt from this unit and video is when your teaching students with little or no English first of all you must introduce yourself when walking into a classroom this way the students will be more focused and relaxed and they can introduce themselves they will be more obliged to participate in the activities
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Teach English in Yilaxi Zhen, Jilin Shi
This part of the course was mainly focused on in-class attitude and methods of engaging with students, as well as planning and being prepared for the lesson
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Teach English in Yuebei Zhen, Jilin Shi
I enjoyed the lesson demonstrations, although the first was very painful to watch and made me very conscious of the fact that I have likely run a class in a similar manner – more than one
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Teach English in Zuojia Zhen, Jilin Shi
Although same content was taught in both lessons, but attitude and the gestures used by the teacher played a very vital role in the class atmosphere, the attitude that the teacher comes into class with will have a profound effect on the outcome of the lesson therefore we should always be prepared to face any situation that might arise during our lessons
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