Teach English in Xinyang Shi

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Teach English in ShAhepu Zhen, Xinyang Shi
The lesson plan you will see attached is designed for students that have some english knowledge but will be perfectly adaptable for students with less approached to the english language, in that case more language body will be use, including short role plays with me and one volunteered student
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Teach English in Shifodian Zhen, Xinyang Shi
Firstly, I found each of the grammar units to be extremely helpful, particularly the units that dealt with modals, passive voice, conditionals, reported speech, and other aspects of english grammar that may not be so widely known
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Teach English in Shihegang Zhen, Xinyang Shi
The things I have personally learned the most about from this course are the forms of grammar, how to create a stronger lesson plan and the importance of a structured approach to teaching vocabulary for the ESL student
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Teach English in Wuli Zhen, Xinyang Shi
This course has been valuable on many different levels: - This course was very well structured and covered all the subjects which are necessary to enter a classroom with the confidence to begin teaching
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Teach English in Xiaowang Zhen, Xinyang Shi
1) - The importance of writing out a lesson plan: this will help me structure my classes and not lose focus ? things can get scattered for me as I teach individual classes and no two students are at the same level or have the same aim! It can get very confusing
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Teach English in Xinli Zhen, Xinyang Shi
Personally I have gained so much from this course in spite of wanting to give up so many times! It has given me a basis and a framework from which to start teaching
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