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A.O. - West Africa said:
Summary of Personal Benefits from the ittt Course. This TEFL online course has served as an invaluable source of inspiration to me as a career english teacher. It has further widened my knowledge of english as an art, especially in such areas as english grammar, its functional use in real-life endeavours and the skills for teaching english to both native and non-native speakers through the ESA-based approach. Grammar, parts of speech, the tense system, vocabulary, conditionals, phrasal and modal verbs, passive/active sentences and pronunciation are truly fundamental to the day-to-day communication in english. Major characteristics of learners pertaining to their language levels and motivational dispositions have also offered the psychological insight to getting students? interest with respect to their language needs and then the dynamic approaches/skills for teaching them english ranging from having a classroom control to creating interactive and conducive learning environments suitable for different student groups?from the beginner or young-learner to advanced levels and to special/business english study groups. Of note are the requisite teaching methods adaptable to student-teacher scenarios. Here the ESA model has proved to be a multi-purpose methodology for balanced english class lessons cutting across speaking/writing, listening/reading, grammar, vocabulary and above all as an entertaining, realistic and functional teaching skill for receptive and productive english. Classroom management, teaching aids (computer and non-computer based), students? evaluation and testing?especially the placement tests?have all enhanced my teaching strategies. Needs analysis as a parameter for determining students? language needs and classifying students in for special english is no doubt an evergreen tool for teaching Business english students. Finally the wealth of knowledge, teaching skills, lesson planning and the awareness about online-offline teaching materials now provide me with the gateway to career enrichment. Initial Action-Plan towards Practising as a TEFL Teacher Putting what I have learnt into action means having students to teach. So the initial step is to start looking for local and international school vacancies for english teachers with tefl certification or educational institutes that need TEFL teachers. I would be grateful if the ITTT team could assist in linking me up to potential employers of TEFL teachers. Meanwhile getting the TEFL certification is not an end in itself but a means to further upgrade and update my knowledge of english as an art and also explore or devise ways to make learning english an interesting experience to my students?both adult and young learners alike. Finally I have taken it as a decision to share ideas with my tutor and the ITTT team in general when the need arises and sufficiently prepare myself with teaching materials and students? worksheets. Gathering requisite information and organizing the classroom prior to each english lesson by putting necessary teaching aids in place will always remain one of the golden rules.