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C.C. - Brazil said:
To be honest with you, though I have more than 10 years experience in teaching, I loved this course. It was a pleasure to go through the units, present my work and look forward to the feedback. The variety of topics covered is relevant to any teacher, even the experienced ones. The language used is simple and direct to the point. I found the classroom management unit to be very useful for teaching big groups. Since my experience up to now has been with 1-10 students maximum. The troubleshooting unit and working with special groups units are invaluable. They help the teacher to deal with general problems. The section about teaching special groups is important for teachers who are willing to specialize in TESOL later. It gives them an idea what to expect from teaching different special groups and helps them make up their minds as to which specialization they would be good at. The inclusion of language awareness section is very important for teachers who still have some doubts about certain grammatical issues. I loved the inclusion of different resource sites for games and activities which always can become handy. But what I most found priceless, are the DVDs. They gave us the feeling that we were attending the course `in class?. Congratulations to Mr. Peter Ticehust, the Academic Director, for his simplification of the course, and for the clear and precise information that he gave on the board. The way he divides that board and works around it makes the material explained very clear to understand. He has his own way of simplifying a lot of information on different topics into just a few clear bullets points. He looks confident and experienced. Actually I printed all the course units and I am sure they will always serve as a reference for me wherever I teach. Especially the section about teaching business english, as this is what I am going to specialize in. This is MY NEXT STEP. Last but not least, I am impressed with the efficiency and professionalism of my tutor Tania. Always a pleasure. I hope I will get you as my tutor for the Business english course. Thank you very much.