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A.L. - Australia said:
I have thoroughly enjoyed this TEFL course. As a native english speaker one assumes that teaching their own language may be much easier than it truly is. For me the revision of grammar especially practicing the tenses (past, present and future) was very useful. I think that when preparing to teach students a language you have to really remain encouraging so their experience is a positive one. You have to always be patient and anticipate problems that may arise with such topics like tenses. Learning different ways to approach different learning abilities has been quite informative. The course has taught me that a lesson plan prepared for a class will not always suit all students and most importantly the teacher must be flexible. The teacher also has to remember to be clear, brief and concise so students do not become confused or frustrated. If students cannot understand the english teacher they will become discouraged quickly. As a teacher I will implement the ESA structure to my lessons, this has proved to be a successful practice and seems to allow the teacher to balance skills work, grammar and vocabulary. I am both excited and eager to start my ESL teaching career and feel prepared after completing this course.