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Art, nature, culture, beaches, fiestas, real Spanish traditions, enchanting neighbouring towns and villages and plenty of sunshine; these are just a few of the reasons why you should choose Malaga as the city in which to earn your TEFL certificate. More info
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Malaga is the main city on the Costa del Sol in southern Spain, where the sun shines for more than 300 days every year.
The birthplace of Picasso, where you will find the largest collection of his works at the Picasso Museum. The Alcazaba fortress and palace, home of the rulers of the Muslim sultanate of Malaga. More info
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t’s not hard to see why Spain is one of the most attractive countries in Europe for teaching English as a foreign language.
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TEFL Certification Malaga | TEFL Spain

The tefl international course on the Mediterranean coast of southern spain is in the famous city of Malaga, capital of the Costa del Sol in Southern spain, where the sun shines 300+ days a year. Malaga is also renowned for its culture, preparing to be elected as the european City of Culture by 2016.

Malaga is exceptional. Art, nature, culture, beaches, fiestas/festivals, real Spanish traditions, enchanting neighbouring towns and villages and an abundance of sunshine; these are just a few of the reasons why you should choose Malaga as the city to earn your TEFL International Certificate. You’ll enjoy a Spanish cultural environment; real, motivated people wanting to learn English from you, and a flagship course proven to produce TEFL Teachers that can really teach.

Culture, architecture and art

Malaga is a strong candidate for European Capital of Culture 2016. This is not surprising considering the wealth of culture on offer:

The Birthplace of Picasso and home to the largest collection of his works - the Picasso Museum. The Roman amphitheatre, built in the age of Augustus. The Alcazaba fortress and palace, home of the rulers of the Muslim sultanate of Málaga. The majestic Cathedral, erected during the first half of the sixteenth century. The Historical District of Málaga, where architecture from different centuries mingle, as is to be expected in a living and constantly evolving city. Andalucía: the home of Flamenco. Several times of the year there are special festivals dedicated to Flamenco dancing, however in many local bars you will experience this on a daily basis, as well as the Spanish guitar popularised by Andres Segovia.

Modern Málaga is the tourist centre of the Costa del Sol, sun & beaches, tapas bars & restaurants, and much more.

Malaga is a food-lover’s haven, with literally hundreds of wine bars, tapas bars and beach side restaurants serving low cost food such as fresh grilled sardines, an assortment of local fish and seafood called, “fritura malagueña” and all manner of Mediterranean cuisine.

Malaga nature and beaches (playas)

Playa de la Malagueta: A blue flag awarded beach town is located only 10 minutes from the centre, in Paseo Pablo Picasso. 1200 metres long, busy, good facilities, life guards, accessible by bus, restaurants and beach bars

Playa Palo: Located next to El Candado marina (good for sailing, diving and swimming...) many little coves, quite busy, life guards, promenade, good atmosphere, facilities, restaurants, beach bars, car park.

Playa Huellín:, A beach town, has its promenade named after Antonio Banderas, good atmosphere, quite busy, beach bars, life guards, good facilities, accessible by bus.

Playa Las Acacias: Very popular beach, so get there early. Grey, fine sand, excellent facilities, 1200m long and 20m wide it is divided into sheltered sandy coves by long rocky breakwaters. Very popular with young people and great at night, with a lively promenade - only a 10 minute walk from the TEFL Training Centre.

National Park of Malaga: The Montes de Málaga, fourteen kilometres to the north of the city of Málaga, the park's altitude ranges between 910 and 1,031 metres above sea level, with an overall area of 4,762 hectares. The park is full of small valleys carpeted with pine trees, a species rather ubiquitous in the area. Added to the beauty of the landscape are the services provided by the Natural Park, with parking spaces, picnic areas, and toilet facilities etc, which guarantee a pleasant visit while at the same time protecting the environment.

El Torcal Park Nature Reserve: The enchanting mountain range in Antequerra, located 30 km north of Malaga city. It is known for it’s unusual limestone rock formations, near the village of Villanueva de la Concepción, within El Torcal Park's 17 square km, are some of the most beautiful and impressive limestone landscapes in Europe. There are three routes through the park for walkers, the longest route allowing you to see the africa Coastline.

Nerja Caves: some of the best in Spain with pre-historic roots and impressive vistas.

Malaga Transport

Malaga’s international airport, doubled in size in 2010, is the gateway to Spain’s fabulously sunny Costa del Sol. Now one of Europe’s largest International hubs with many expanding carriers throughout Europe and across the Atlantic to North America, it’s even easier and cheaper to get to.

Take a ferry or fast-cat across the Mediterranean Sea to Melilla, North Africa directly from Malaga; or you can go towards Algeciras passing through the famous surfing resort of Tarifa on your way and then take a ferry over to Tangiers or Ceuta – Gateways to a whole new world.

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The School

The TEFL International course in Malaga is in a fabulous campus, set on a hill overlooking the beaches of the famous Costa del Sol.

The 4-week TEFL certificate course will be both challenging and rewarding. Why not learn in the beautiful setting of Malaga, where everything is literally on your doorstep? A truly unique experience compared to any other TEFL training course available.

The mini-campus offers an exceptionally high quality and service:

  • Great classrooms; study centre – computer lab
  • A fully-serviced, high quality residence, which has everything you’ll need.

The Malaga TEFL program, four weeks full-time, includes 120+ hours of expert tuition, 8-10 hours of observed/graded teaching practice, individual student project, unknown language study, and expert job guidance, (considerably exceeding international industry & government standards).

  • We use a highly mentored, small group approach which ensures maximum participative learning
  • We test and train in knowledge of the English Language
  • You will become skilled in teaching language to people of other cultures
  • Add our (PSQ) Personal Skills & Qualities feature
  • Combined with our marketplace experienced Job Guidance
  • In a great historical and cultural location
  • Set on a magnificent campus

With over 70 academies available just in the Malaga area requiring the TEFL certificate, you should find it easy to start teaching immediately. For those of you who just want to come and experience the real Spain, then head off elsewhere in the world to teach, your certificate with TEFL International in Malaga will open up a gateway of worldwide possibilities and equip you for success.


The accommodation included with your Malaga TEFL Course fees is in a facility with 100+ bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms, a restaurant and bar, swimming pool & deck, a dance studio, multi-activities room, three terraces and gardens and a mini-gym. WiFi is available.

There is also a great cultural & social activities program that you may want to enjoy during your TEFL Course.

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