Teach English in Xuchang Shi

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Teach English in Malan Zhen, Xuchang Shi
In spite of I had already learned the grammar covered by this course in former english studies, it is always positive to remember and reinforce this kind of knowledge
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Teach English in Shenhou Zhen, Xuchang Shi
Due to my particular situation and previous experience teaching ESL, I already had a fairly decent grasp of some of the topics covered, as I assume may who take this course do; classroom management is something I had already figured out on my own, at least with regards to my own students, for example
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Teach English in Shigu Zhen, Xuchang Shi
I have learned a lot about the english language that I never really learnt at school, or have long since forgotten, in the process of doing this course
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Teach English in Shixiang Zhen, Xuchang Shi
Apart from learning english Grammar (which I found quite challenging), the most interesting and rewarding part of this course has been learning how to put together a comprehensive lesson plan and how to use the tools at hand to your advantage
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Teach English in Taocheng Zhen, Xuchang Shi
This lesson has given me a better understanding of what I need to expect and prepare myself for, to be able to teach language to foreign learners, it has shown me by video and by lesson, what I can expect to encounter in the classroom here as well as overseas
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Teach English in Wangluo Zhen, Xuchang Shi
Before I took this course, I had little training or preparation for teaching english in a monolingual classroom and did not know where to look to find resources
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Teach English in Wangtian Zhen, Xuchang Shi
From this course, I have learned that although one is able to speak english very well, it is altogether different when he or she plans to teach it to students who are non-english speakers
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Teach English in Yingyang Zhen, Xuchang Shi
Through this course I have gained the knowledge of how to efficiently and effectively plan lessons that can get the most positive results from students whatever their age and level
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Teach English in ZhAngpAn Zhen, Xuchang Shi
I have gained a wide range of new information from this course that makes me confident to teach multilingual students of different levels using different teaching methods and techniques
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Teach English in Ziyun Zhen, Xuchang Shi
I have personally gained so much from this course! Thank you, Tania especially, for guiding so patiently, professionally and clearly through those tough grammar units
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