Teach English in Huludao Shi

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Teach English in Datun Zhen, Huludao Shi
Having been in a foreign country that speaks Mandarin Chinese as a first language, I have been lucky to understand the struggle that comes with mastering productive skills,more especially writing
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Teach English in Gangtun Zhen, Huludao Shi
Speaking is the first productive skill that is learnt and is possibly the most important of all skills as this is what is used the majority of the time in communicating with one another
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Teach English in Gangyaoling Zhen, Huludao Shi
After reading unit 12 "teaching productive skills," I realized that there're several things we can do as teachers to motivate students to participate in class and interact with other peers
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Teach English in Qiansuo Zhen, Huludao Shi
This unit was quite interesting for me, because as a student I always struggled with the productive skills, I always thought it was boring and I didn't like to do the activities related to mostly to writing
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