Teach English in Luoyang Shi

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Teach English in Anle Zhen, Luoyang Shi
This unit, evaluation and testing, presented different ways of evaluating student's levels and progress, as well as some of the common external exams that we may need to prepare our students for
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Teach English in Baiyuan Zhen, Luoyang Shi
I learned in this lesson that the teacher has to be clear about their expectations for the activate phase, especially if the students are to complete a product
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Teach English in Changshui Zhen, Luoyang Shi
This unit gives a detailed description about the qualities of a good teacher and learner and also throws light to the roles a teacher may need to take up during the lessons in order to make the lessons more effective
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Teach English in Chaoyang Zhen, Luoyang Shi
In this unit on teaching equipment, we started with the basic principles of \"the board,\" some of which include writing clearly and legibly, using different colors or circling, erase what is not needed, don't capitalize, etc
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Teach English in ChengguAn Zhen, Luoyang Shi
This unit elaborates on teaching three major components of any language, namely vocabulary, structure, and function; and provides a comprehensive list of techniques, tasks, and activities which teachers can employ in their classes to warm up (i
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Teach English in Deting Zhen, Luoyang Shi
This unit covered the phonology of English speech, particularly intonation and stress and how intonation patterns and placement or absence of stress is used to convey meaning, and techniques for teaching and practising these parts of English speech
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