Teach English in Nanchang Shi

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Teach English in Longjin Zhen, Nanchang Shi
In this lesson I learned that effective lesson planning incorporates the three lesson phases Engage, Study and Activate, and activities associated with each lesson
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Teach English in Luoting Zhen, Nanchang Shi
This unit gives us useful tips about the lesson planning suggesting to find a compromise between thoruogh following a plan and reerring more to the flexibility
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Teach English in Minhe Zhen, Nanchang Shi
When creating a lesson plan or a sequence of lessons it is very important to set goals, potential ways of achieving those goals, and be vigilant for potential problems ahead
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Teach English in QianfAng Zhen, Nanchang Shi
In this unit I got to know about the basic principles of lesson planning,why to plan the lessons and what to include in the planning process, as well as how to produce a lesson plan that is practical and easy to plan in the class room
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Teach English in Shibi Zhen, Nanchang Shi
In this unit we are shown the importance of a lesson plan and how to properly make a lesson plan (if you wish to make a formal plan), we are also given an example plan to see what a completed lesson plan looks like
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Teach English in TangshAn Zhen, Nanchang Shi
In Unit 9, I learned that having a lesson plan is important but it is equally as important to maintain a flexible approach and attitude, and to adapt and adjust as needed
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Teach English in TaohuA Zhen, Nanchang Shi
         Unit 9 gives a well detailed lecture on lesson planning, explaining the functions of lesson plans, how to write down lesson plans and the things that should be included in lesson plans
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