Teach English in Nanyang Shi

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Teach English in Jinhe Zhen, Nanyang Shi
This introductory unit addresses course content over the course of six units including, teaching and learning theories, classroom management, syllabus development, lesson planning, career possibilities, etc
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Teach English in JitAn Zhen, Nanyang Shi
In unit 13, I learned about the advantages and disadvantages when using a course book in the classroom and what lesson materials should be considered to graps students interest in learning
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Teach English in Jiulong Zhen, Nanyang Shi
I would not have thought to include more open ended questions in a placement test, but the unit makes very good points about their use in determining fluency, motivation and level
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Teach English in Laocheng Zhen, Nanyang Shi
Watching these two videos the one clear thing that stood out for me was the attitude of the teacher can either make or break the comfort and atmosphere of a class
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Teach English in Lihepu Zhen, Nanyang Shi
In this unit which involves all the teaching groups, my preference is younger groups commonly in secondary stage, for the reason that find my self more confident
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Teach English in Liuquanpu Zhen, Nanyang Shi
The unit has helped me to learn about the different kinds of methodologies and techniques in EFL even though each one of them has its pro and cons I agree that the one who gives more exposure to the language and encourages the students to discover the language by themselves is the ESA method
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Teach English in LiushAn Zhen, Nanyang Shi
There are 8 parts of speech in the English language, namely nouns, adjectives, articles, verbs, adverbs, gerunds, pronouns and prepositions/conjunctions, where nouns, adjectives, verbs and adverbs serve as content words that provide the concepts and ideas underlying the sentence while pronouns, prepositions and conjunctions are structure words which tie the content words together into a full and complete sentence
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Teach English in Luyi Zhen, Nanyang Shi
This unit emphasized the importance of learning new vocabulary, especially in the early stages when students are eager to learn the basics words they need to communicate
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Teach English in Miaodian Zhen, Nanyang Shi
This unit covered the 5 main conditionals and their grammatical forms and usages, as well as reported versus direct speech and the changes that sentences undergo when being converted from direct to reported speech, such as verb tenses being backshifted from present to past tense
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Teach English in Mopo Zhen, Nanyang Shi
The teacher should be prepared to work with all different types of students, such as children, beginners, young adults and also students with different purpose of learning
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