Teach English in Nanyang Shi

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Teach English in Pengqiao Zhen, Nanyang Shi
I learned the different roles of a teacher in the classroom, which include manager, organizer, assessor, prompter, participant, tutor, facilitator, model, and monitor
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Teach English in Pengying Zhen, Nanyang Shi
This unit reviews the design of a suitable syllabus that takes into account students' current age and proficiency (assessed by a Level Test) and reasons/requirements for learning English (assessed by a Needs Analysis)
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Teach English in Qiaotou Zhen, Nanyang Shi
This unit was excellent because in my past experience in working with people who have English as their second language, tenses is often an aspect that is not used correctly
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Teach English in Shi'An Zhen, Nanyang Shi
Similar to the last lesson which was on the core receptive language skills, this lesson focuses on the two core productive language skills, which are speaking and writing
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Teach English in Shijiehe Zhen, Nanyang Shi
These two video show me how the teacher affect the quality of the lesson, I think the teacher that in the second video is very good, because he created a rapport environment for the students, he gives clear instruction which the students are very easy to follow
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Teach English in Shilin Zhen, Nanyang Shi
The first lesson is painful to watch! The students look so bored and the teacher does not look much better because he is dour, unresponsive, and unengaged
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