Teach English in Nanyang Shi

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Teach English in Taoying Zhen, Nanyang Shi
A good teacher and good learners go hand in hand: a good teacher will always put their students' learning above all else based on the knowledge of the students as far as language skills, age, motivation, and behavior/cultural notions
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Teach English in Wangji Zhen, Nanyang Shi
Unit 13: Teaching Pronunciation & Phonology ; 1-There are 4 major sound sound joining which is;Linking-Sound Dropping-sound changing-extra lettering 2-Intonation: This is considered to be the variation in valome and pitch Some of the topics covered is below:Speach Sound-The vowels-Phonemes- -Phonemic transcription-The - syllable Word stress Intonation Teaching pronunciation Manner Articulation: Plosives,affricates,Fricatives,nasal,lateral,approximants Place of Articulation: Bilabial, Labio-dental,dental,alvelor,palatal-alvelor,palatal,velor and glattal Intonation: Starts: rice-fall/ ends: fall-rice ASSIGNMENT SCORE
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Teach English in Wenqu Zhen, Nanyang Shi
This unit again emphasized the importance of creativity in the classroom and just how important it is to identify a lesson's objectives in relation to the needs and interests of the class
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Teach English in Xiaji Zhen, Nanyang Shi
The topic of this unit is very important to any teacher,as its very important to follow the lesson , not to be driven away from the main goal or run out from the available time
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Teach English in Xiaoshidian Zhen, Nanyang Shi
In the unit of teachers and learners, I have learned the importance of the roles the teacher can play in the classroom and how important it is to know how to change from one to another
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Teach English in XiezhuAng Zhen, Nanyang Shi
This unit taught me about the different types of activities that I can do when teaching students about speaking, it also has some good examples on why students could be discouraged from taking part in classroom talks or not feeling confident about speaking in front of the class
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Teach English in Xinglong Zhen, Nanyang Shi
This unit covered modals, phrasal verbs, relative clause, and active/passive voices Active and passive voices were very easy to understand since the one doing the action and the object of that action swap places from one for to the other
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