Teach English in Yancheng Shi

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Teach English in Fu'An Zhen, Yancheng Shi
As the new school year is set to begin in Japan, I have had some time to reflect on how important it is to prepare for new students and set the year off right from the start
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Teach English in GAngdong Zhen, Yancheng Shi
British English is quite different from American English and while that fact may appear self-evident and perhaps problematic because of a perceived lack of standardization which could be criticized as inconsistency or possible confusion, the entrepreneurial spirit in me makes me realize that there are business opportunities in recognizing and appreciating the distinction and finding a market niche in TESL in which I could build a profitable business career teaching English
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Teach English in GAngxi Zhen, Yancheng Shi
In a lot of non-native English-speaking countries, it is common for English to be offered as subject that students can study from as early as 1st grade elementary school
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Teach English in Guhe Zhen, Yancheng Shi
At some point during your teaching career, you will find yourself teaching classes to groups containing a wide variety of ages, and teachers must prepare for this properly
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Teach English in Guomeng Zhen, Yancheng Shi
Is living abroad essential for the acquisition of a new language? My personal experience has brought me to different places around the world so far that helped me gain the knowledge of few foreign languages like English, German and a bit of Arabic
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Teach English in Guoyingjianggang Nongchang, Yancheng Shi
I am a believer in Gardener’s Multiple Intelligences and as such I know and understand that the ‘one size fits all’ method that has permeated our education system cannot work to bring out the creativity and resourcefulness of the human beings we have pledged, as teachers, to cultivate
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Teach English in Huangwei Zhen, Yancheng Shi
Why building rapport is important? For every teacher the most crucial thing inside the classroom should be creating an environment which will maximise students’ learning efficiency
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