Teach English in Luohe Shi

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Teach English in Fancheng Zhen, Luohe Shi
A good teacher should organize his/her lesson in such way that it would not just be centered on textbook, but also on different Equipment and Teaching Aids
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Teach English in Heilongtan Zhen, Luohe Shi
Lesson 14 : Teaching Material Use of course books : Good to provide a guide and a graduated improvement of skills, and also a review of the skills previously studied
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Teach English in Juling Zhen, Luohe Shi
Building upon unit 3, this unit has given me a more solid understanding of building various ESA lesson plans and how to adopt them to different levels
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Teach English in Kongzhongguo Zhen, Luohe Shi
What a difference a teacher makes in the learning journey of a student! An interesting, positive and kind teacher indeed will motivate the students and help them in learning a new language successfully
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Teach English in Taichen Zhen, Luohe Shi
This unit provides an overview of different language teaching strategies, such as grammar-translation or audio-lingualism, and then introduces an effective framework for creating lessons
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