Teach English in Xinxiang Shi

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Teach English in Jitun Zhen, Xinxiang Shi
I have gained a lot of new knowledge I didn?t really know too much about prior to taking the course such as Grammar, the structures and forms of past, present and future tenses
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Teach English in LiuguAng Zhen, Xinxiang Shi
I realised through the tefl course that perhaps I?ve been taking the language I have spoken all my life for granted and that it is in fact quite a deal more complicated than thought previously
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Teach English in Liyuantun Zhen, Xinxiang Shi
As a non native english speaker, I have learned most of the grammar rules when I was studying english myself, however this course helped me to refresh about the usage of different grammar tenses
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Teach English in Menggang Zhen, Xinxiang Shi
Doing this course I got quality training and it provided me a very good insight into a variety of teaching methods and language importance with students at all levels
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Teach English in Nancun Zhen, Xinxiang Shi
The major benefits that I really have gained from this course is that it was a good revision for my four years university grammar course ( tenses, present, past, future, conditional, phrasal verbs, clauses, adjectives, adverbs, verbs etc, and methods of teaching english as a second language
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Teach English in Qiliying Zhen, Xinxiang Shi
This course has really helped me focus on improving my knowledge on grammar and provided me with different examples of how to teach it to students without it being too tedious! The teaching side of things has also been complemented very well by covering the variety of problems that may arise in a classroom and how to deal with them
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