Teach English in Jiaozuo Shi

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Teach English in Chengbo Zhen, Jiaozuo Shi
This unit provided an overview on the different types of material (authentic/non-authentic) which are available to aid teaching, along with looking at lesson planning and utilizing resources
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Teach English in Chongyi Zhen, Jiaozuo Shi
When teaching a particular lesson, there are course books that are already assigned for the student's learning; however, there are times in which a teacher needs to identify if this mode of studying and learning is the best method to go forward with when trying to maintain a learning environment that is engaging and exciting for the students, while being able to achieve the learning outcomes set forth for the student
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Teach English in Wude Zhen, Jiaozuo Shi
From the Teaching Receptive Skills Unit I have learnt important information about two of the four basic language skills which are Reading and Listening
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Teach English in Xiaojing Zhen, Jiaozuo Shi
The content in this unit provided information on what makes an effective teacher, different teaching styles, a good student, and ways to identify the types of students one may encounter
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Teach English in Xiwan Zhen, Jiaozuo Shi
While lesson plans are important to provide structure to a lesson, they shouldn't be so rigid that they don't allow flexibility to the student's needs
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